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I'm glad you stopped by.  I was born and raised in Laxfield, Suffolk, England.  My family later moved to the USA and I have enjoyed living in WI, IL, NC, VA TX and FL.   I have been creating with  porcelain for most of my adult life - it's a hobby, but also a passion!    Each item is molded in the clay stage by myself and  receives a minimum of 3-4 firings. I sign and date each piece and am happy to customize to your requests.

My dolls have received awards at local competitions in Wisconsin, Virginia and Texas, as well as the International Doll Makers Association (IDMA) convention. At an IDMA convention, I was thrilled when my little Pee Wee doll received a blue ribbon, best of category rosette and Bell's Doll of Merit award.   I have received porcelain doll certification from Bell Ceramics and the Collectible Doll Company.  I have completed the Master Doll Artisan program offered by the International Federation of Doll Makers and continue to take classes; it's a wonderful way to meet new friends.  

Visit my facebook page at Brier Rose By The Sea

 I look forward to hearing from you. 


Waiting At The Bridge

A tribute to my loving pets who have crossed but are forever in my heart and memories.  

 We were lucky and blessed to have known such critters!


Bill Kewin 2016



Irene Bowen (1928-2002) and Arthur Bowen (1924-2016)


My parents and my friends  

We Will Always Remember

  Their smiles that came from the heart

   Their eyes that showed a special spark

    Their arms that always reached out for a hug

     Their hands always busy

      Their words reassuring and strong

       Their love and welcoming friendship felt by all